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Voltage transformer precautions.


1. Before the voltage transformer is put into operation, it should be tested according to the items specified in the regulations. For example, measuring polarity, connection groups, shaking insulation, nuclear phase sequence, etc.

2. The wiring of the voltage transformer should ensure its correctness, the primary winding and the measured circuit in parallel, the secondary winding should be connected to the measuring instrument, relay protection device or automatic device voltage coil in parallel, and pay attention to the correctness of the polarity.

3. The capacity of the load connected to the secondary side of the voltage transformer should be appropriate, and the load connected to the secondary side of the voltage transformer should not exceed its rated capacity, otherwise, the error of the transformer will increase, and it is difficult to achieve the accuracy of measurement.

4. Short-circuit is not allowed on the secondary side of the voltage transformer. Because the internal impedance of the voltage transformer is very small, if the secondary circuit is short circuit, there will be a large current, which will damage the secondary equipment and even endanger personal safety. The voltage transformer can be equipped with a fuse on the secondary side to protect itself from being damaged by a short circuit on the secondary side. If possible, the primary side should also be equipped with fuses to protect the high voltage network from the high voltage winding or lead failure of the transformer to endanger the safety of the primary system.

5. In order to ensure the safety of human contact with measuring instruments and relays, the secondary winding of the voltage transformer must be slightly grounded. Because after grounding, when the insulation between the primary and secondary windings is damaged, it can prevent the high voltage of meters and relays from endangering personal safety.

6, the voltage transformer side absolutely does not allow short circuit.

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