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Product range of current transformer.


Classification by use

According to different uses, current transformers can be roughly divided into two categories:

Measuring current transformer (or measuring winding of current transformer) : within the normal working current range, to provide the current information of the power grid to the measuring and metering devices.

Protection current transformer (or protection winding of current transformer) : in the state of power grid fault, to provide relay protection and other devices with power grid fault current information.

Classification of insulating media

Dry type current transformer: made of ordinary insulating materials by dipping paint treatment as insulation.

Castable current transformer: A current transformer molded with epoxy resin or other resin mixed materials.

Oil-immersed current transformer: By insulating paper and insulating oil as insulation, generally outdoor type.

Gas insulated current transformer: The main insulation is composed of gas.

Installation type classification

Penetration current transformer: A current transformer used to pass through a screen or wall.

Pillar type current transformer: A current transformer mounted on a plane or pillar and used as a primary circuit conductor pillar.

Bushing current transformer: A current transformer that has no primary conductor and primary insulation and is directly mounted on an insulated bushing.

Busbar current transformer: A current transformer without a primary conductor but with a primary insulation, which is used directly on the bus.

Classification by principle

Electromagnetic current transformer: According to the principle of electromagnetic induction to achieve current conversion of current transformer.

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