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20kv Current Transformer
  • 20kv Current Transformer20kv Current Transformer
  • 20kv Current Transformer20kv Current Transformer
  • 20kv Current Transformer20kv Current Transformer

20kv Current Transformer

The 20kV current transformer manufactured by DAHU ELECTRIC stands out as an indispensable component within indoor switch cabinets, playing a pivotal role in modern electrical systems. Its multifaceted functionalities extend far beyond mere current measurement, encompassing vital tasks such as electrical energy monitoring and the seamless operation of protective relays across both single-phase and three-phase AC systems.

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Product Description

Beyond its functional prowess, the 20kV current transformer from DAHU ELECTRIC exemplifies a commitment to quality and innovation. Its advanced features, coupled with rigorous testing and compliance with industry standards, instill confidence in its performance and reliability.

Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet :20kV current transformer often uses cold-rolled silicon steel sheet as its core due to its excellent magnetic properties. These materials exhibit high permeability and low core loss, making them ideal for efficient energy transfer. They have lower hysteresis loops and magnetization losses compared to other options, resulting in less energy waste and lower power consumption.

Epoxy resin: Epoxy resin is a versatile and widely used material in various industries due to its excellent dielectric properties and mechanical strength. It is particularly favored as the primary insulation material for 20kV current transformers.

The dielectric properties of epoxy resin refer to its ability to resist the flow of electric current. This property is crucial in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment. Epoxy resin’s high dielectric strength allows it to withstand high voltage levels without breaking down, making it an ideal choice for insulation in current transformers.

In addition to its dielectric properties, epoxy resin also offers exceptional mechanical strength. It has a high tensile strength, which means it can withstand significant mechanical stress without deforming or breaking. This makes it highly reliable in protecting internal components of current transformers from external forces and vibrations.

Epoxy castings, which are made by pouring epoxy resin into molds, provide reliable insulation for current transformers. The casting process ensures a uniform and seamless insulation layer, which effectively prevents electrical breakdown and leakage. This insulation layer also acts as a barrier against environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and chemicals, further enhancing the protection of internal components.

Copper : Copper conductors are typically used for windings in 20kV current transformers. These materials offer high electrical conductivity and mechanical durability, enabling efficient transmission of current signals while withstanding operational stresses.

Product Parameter

1. Application Metering
2. Installation Indoor
3. Construction Dry type Epoxy Resin Cast
4. Insulation Cast Resin
5. Number of Phase Single
6. Rated Frequency 50 Hz
7. Systen Primary Rated Voltage 22 kV Phase to Phase
8. Maximum Systen Voltage 24 kV Phase to Phase
9. System Earthing Effectively earthed
10. Basic Insulation Level (1.2/50 u sec. 125 KV
11. Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1 min.50
50 KV
Rat io:
11kV Feeder
Single Winding
14. Secondary Single Winding
15. Accuracy Class 0.2/0.25 for Measurement
16. Burden
a)for Measurement
10-15 VA
17. Short Time Current Rating Minimum 80 kA for 1 Sec
18. Extended Curent Rating 120%of Rated Current
19. Creepage Distance 28 mm/KV(minimum)
20. Standard Design,Manufacture,Testing,Installation
and Performance shall be in accordance to
the latest editions of IEC 61869-1 &IEC

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